I m SO Sorry.

Dear utkarsha ,

I m so sorry that i hurt you ,but not talking to u was also hurting me more than u . You were not talking properly from last few days,Then i did the same which i shouldn’t. Don’t  think that i showed u my attitude ,i didn’t .Earlier u used to share all your problems,but now u hide all!U have changed alot that i never want !

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I m sorry for my rude behavior and ignorance but now u r doing the same which is Killing me inside ! Kindly talk to me , i need u 😦 , Don’t ever think that i will forget u ,no 1 can take ur place .



I  m sorry………….. again……….even tough those words doesn’t mean much to you now !


Agreed that i hurt u but i m also suffering i m really sorry , hope u forgive me .






GCI-2016 #Fossasia

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